MATLAB and computer simulations course for FH Regensburg students – PART I

MATLAB and computer simulations course for students FH Regensburg

 29.7. – 2.8.2013

Guaranty:  Prof. Ing. Zdeňka Benešová, CSc, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Prof. Dr.Ing. Roland Schiek, FH Regensburg,  Prof. Dr. Ing. Rainer Haller


  1. Opening of course  8:30 – 8:45
  2. MATLAB basics   (Polcar, Koudela)  8:45 – 10:15

download materials for the 1st part here

  • Environment basics – introduction, window environment, interpret style, menu system
  • Basic declarations – case sensitivity and basic working rules
  • Command Window, Workspace, History – properties, working with windows
  • Help Style, using help declarations with concrete commands
  •  MATLAB programming language and basic commands (use in linear algebra, square matrixes, elementary functions and basic operations with vectors)
  • Brackets (square, angle), parentheses. Semicolons and commas – meaning and usage.
  •  Matrix principles in MATLAB language (declarations and using with examples)
  • Matrix algebra (some functions), using “dot-operators” (like A.*B or A.’)
  • Selected helpful functions from help chapters elmat and elfun (like atan, angle, pascal, magic, det, inv, diag, sort, sum, min, max, size, etc.)
  • Matrixes with complex numbers (examples and functions)
  •  System of linear equations – solving (using matrix operations – examples)
  • Further functions – goniometrical functions, integral (quad), sorting.


  1. Basic graphical functions – graphs and figures (Polcar, Koudela)  10:30 – 12:00
  • M-files editor – basic functions (menu system, open, close, trace, name …)
  • Creating of basic MATLAB scripts (basic graphical output of a simple function, grid, plot(x, y), points, colours, axes, labels, title, scalling, etc.)
  • Functions with polynomial arguments (polyfun, polyval, etc.)
  • Curve fitting – linear, polynomial and spline regression, graphical output (functions polyfit and interp)


  1. MATLAB programming   (Polcar, Koudela)  13:00 – 14:30
  • Flow control statements – loops (for, while), conditions (if, switch-case), etc. Editing m-files – creating functions (examples – cumulative integral and equation solving, user data input)
  • Possible training, questions, discussion


  1. Advanced  functions  and practicing   (Polcar, Koudela)  14:45 – 16:15
  • ODE-functions – solving of first order ordinary differential equations, system of differential equations, higher orders differential equations.
  • Interactive input / output commands, user defined error messages, commentary (functions input, error, msgbox)



  1. ODE functions application   (Polcar, Koudela)  8:30 – 10:00
  • Examples of simple transient phenomena – RC, RLC circuit etc.


  1. ODE functions application – continue   (Polcar, Koudela) 10:15 – 12:15
  • Solving problems using ODE solver, creating own application.


  1. Introduction to 3D graphs   (Polcar, Koudela)  13:15 – 14:45
  • meshgrid, mesh, surf, surfl, colormap, shading, interp.
  • Examples of 3D functions (functions depended on two variables).
  • 3D curve – Line Plots of 3-D Data (plot3), examples – integral of 3D curve. Using 3D style on the complex grid and complex graphs.


  1. MATLAB – graphics, GUI and multimedia   (Polcar, Koudela)  15:00 – 16:30
  • Advanced settings of graphical outputs and graphical user interface (automated adjustment of figure size in depend on screen size etc.)
  •  Graphical user interface – drawing layout, development, predefined dialog boxes, advanced settings.
  •  Practicing, standalone working on examples with help of lecturers
  • Creating animated sequences (movies and animated graphics), audio-video functions.



  1. Fourier transformationsFFT (example, harmonic signal analysis – noised input signal)     (Polcar, Koudela)   8:30 – 09:00
  2. Autonomous working on more extensive example, working with complex numbers, applying ODE functions, dialog boxes, graphical interface, animations (with help of lecturers) (Polcar, Koudela)  9:00 – 10:00
  3. MATLAB test  (Polcar, Koudela) 10:30 – 11:30
  4. Results of MATLAB test  13:30 –13:45
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